Sunday, 12 April 2015

Life Lately #12

Easter Weekend. Armed with your two bank holidays and a good dose of sunshine, what a welcome delight you were. 

We had friends to stay with us, so the weekend was mostly spent a) being outside wandering through the fields and along the East Devon coastline and b) consuming a lot of food. Home cooked lasagne, roast leg of lamb, chocolate puddings, fish and chips and ice creams on the beach..... it's a good job we were exercising the legs in between.

The week pretty much continued in the same way, with a few more trips to the beach and I even sneaked in a bit of knitting whilst the kids donned their wetsuits and jumped the waves.

Deep in conversation, wandering in the East Devonshire sunshine.
1. The pins were out  2. Can't beat a portion of chips on the beach - twice in one week!
A selection of our finds at the sea side - a humungous jellyfish, a fish (is it a plaice?), a boat filled with daffs, a shell that looks like it was home to other, er shelled creatures.
The display of daffs along the seafront at Seaton appeared rather striking.
That's my feet. I know, exciting eh! Oh and some pebbles.
More wandering....
So, there it was. A thoroughly relaxing week with the kids, doing what has to be done when you live in these parts. The girls are going back to school tomorrow, along with their new cuts and grazes and sun-kissed faces but having had a fab time exploring, playing, cycling and memory- making.

I hope you've had fun in the sunshine too.

I'm linking up this post with Hannah, over at Make, Do and Push! and the Week that was: Captured link up.


  1. Knitting on the beach? You're living the life of Riley m'lady!!
    Looks like a glorious few days. When the sun shines Devon is the absolute, irrefutable best.
    M x

  2. Sounds like my perfect week!! I have had fish and chips far too many times this week... ooops!!
    Gorgeous photos :)

  3. Gosh - what a perfect week! Makes me want to hop on the train and come down to Devon!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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