Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lately in the Garden // 12

We have been a bit spoilt lately haven't we? 

What with the blue skies and sunshine we've been having, the gardens around here have literally burst into life. There's blossom everywhere. All shades of pink. And then there is the Magnolia. Ahh, Magnolia... I am experiencing all kinds of Magnolia envy right now. Not sure I've got the space for one, so I am currently admiring the display of this one below, that I've spotted in a nearby neighbours' garden. 

Magnolia ^^ also featuring my regular garden visitors, a pair of collared doves.
One thing I've been relishing just lately, is getting up early and wandering outside in the early morning sunshine to hang the washing out on the line. I know, such a mundane task, "how can that be fun?" you may be thinking. But to me, the early morning stillness and light is nourishment for my mind. The sound of the birds going about their business, the bees darting around the garden. It's my little bit of calm at the beginning of the working day. 

Whilst outside I usually have a little catch up with what's coming through. This week I've noticed the blueberry bush is in flower, the hyacinths are still holding on to life, the hydrangea is sprouting well, as are the lilies that I planted last year. 

The bleeding hearts have taken over a whole corner of one flower bed. They've grown like crazy during the last two weeks. 

 The echinops that I planted last year are coming through. As is the fuchsia. Both the rose and the poppy have appeared out of nowhere. I cannot wait to see the bright pink and orange blooms that these will bring..

  The twisted willow now has a covering of twisted leaves..

and the forsythia is holding onto it's yellow loveliness... for now anyway...

 The yellow daffodils that once stood tall, have started to fade gracefully.

Bye bye yellow, hello green shoots...

Until next time.. x
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  1. You have the loveliest photo! The colors in your garden is just so vivid. I also love hanging my clothes as I can smell the lavender pots. Its just pure bliss! #hdygg

  2. lovely photos, this is a very special time of the year, we have apple blossom coming through too in our garden #hdygg

  3. It's looking wonderful and I totally understand what you mean about that first early morning moment in the garden, I'm always amazed at how much is a'ready on the go then - baby birds & bees. I'm the same with the magnolia envy too - though I'm telling myself that they bloom for such a short period of time that although lovely not worth the investment for me. It's *sort* of helping ! A friend was waiting so patiently for hers to blooms and the day it came out in bloom there was strong winds and the petals all blew away - I would have been distraught!
    I've new found love for the forsythia of late - beautiful photos and thank you for sharing and joining in again x

  4. That is so true about the magnolia, they just don't flower for long enough do they? And then there's all that clearing up to do once the petals have dropped. Think I'll stick to admitting it from afar.. :)

  5. Ooh it looks like there is so much colour in your garden, it's so wonderful to see isn't it. Especially with the blue sky too! I love the bleeding hearts especially, such wonderful blooms :)

  6. Very beautiful garden and i like it very much.


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