Thursday, 5 March 2015

How My Garden Grows #9

Hello again and how are we all? Have any of you noticed the birds are going a little crazy right about now? We've a few regulars - a couple of black birds (seen ^^ here) two collared doves and a couple of pigeons that regularly visit our garden. I think they are looking to nest somewhere in it. In fact I know the blackbirds have sussed out a spot deep within the conifers, the pigeons have been eying up this tree but the doves are a bit more secretive and are keeping their nest plans close to their fluffy little chests.

I always notice that at this time of year the birds get into a bit of a frenzy as Spring approaches. Particularly the blackbirds. The males and females have started chasing each other around and hopping along my fence in the cutest of ways. Since we've lived in our house we've always had blackbirds nesting in the hedges and I've grown accustomed to their antics and find it all quite amusing. They can be noisy little wotsits at times though, with quite a piercing cry when they want attention. Especially if a predator approaches them. They flap about, screech and try their dammed hardest to protect their nest and any eggs that may be lay within it. There have been a few occasions, not yet this year, but last year, when I've heard a dreadful noise, only to look out of the window to see a cat approaching the hedge and two little blackbirds flapping away as hard as they can in it's direction. I know their cry now so I'm ready for it this year. Ready to shoo away any feline threats that present themselves within a whiskers distance..

Another little feathered friend that has been frequenting my fat ball is this little fella - a robin.

Can you see him ^^  ? There he is, sat on the branch of my Camelia bush, which I must add is still blooming away.

He's a regular visitor and has consumed more than his fair share of bird food.

Other than the bird activities, I'm afraid to say I've not ventured out yet to do any sort of gardening. I do believe that the weather is picking up, so I am going to try and make time to get out and do some tidying up as it so needs it.

I was up in the Midlands last week staying with my family and it was lovely to see the Spring flowers emerging in my mum and dad's garden.

And during half term we ventured out to the woods for a walk in the sunshine. We noticed green shoots peeping through from beneath the leaves all across the ground.

Another sign that Spring is on its way.

Until next time...

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. english robins are just the cutest things! yours is adorable!

  2. As I've not been getting out into the garden, I've not really noticed the birds either, which saddens me now, as I feel I'm missing out. Will make an effort to look out for them again, thanks

  3. The blackbirds are going crazy in our garden too - they form a mostly orderly queue at the fat feeder but it descends into anarchy now and then! Love all your photos of Spring promise, it's almost here....

  4. The blackbirds in my garden can't stop going at each other at the moment! There seems to be about three pairs but I wish they would decide which one they are going to mate with!

  5. The birds have gone a bit bonkers here too. This morning I was watching starlings get in to the roof where the house sparrows live, not sure what's going on there. Lots of feeding happening too. Your Camelia bush is looking beautiful, still waiting for ours to flower...

  6. I've really noticed the last few mornings quite a noisy chorus of birds in our garden and the trees around us. Our bird feeders have also become a major wild bird social hub but it's getting rather expensive as they're getting through at least 3 fat balls a day as well as a whole bird feeder full of seeds and...

  7. What a happy woodland jump shot! I too am noticing many more birds appearing - the little ones all swoop down from the telegraph wires onto my fence when I take the kids off to school, sitting there all expectant - t hey always get the toast crusts that my two leave at brekkie!

    It is a lovely time of year isn't it? Love seeing everything starting to emerge from the ground - all we need now is a tiny bit more sunshine!

    Thanks for joining in again lovely x


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