Thursday, 26 March 2015

How my garden grows #10

Spring is finally upon us. About time too.

Spring has prompted an acceleration of growth around here. There are fresh, new colours to be seen with the emergence of green shoots, yellow primroses and purple crocuses.

My hydrangea is starting to show signs of life...

I've been out and had a good tidy up. It was well overdue.  Chopping back dead wood to reveal tiny new shoots. Clearing away fallen leaves. Digging over the ground ready to add new plants where the gaps are.

It was so satisfying to clear away last years remainders, to make way for what will come through this year.

It did look like this below...

It now looks like this..

Under my kitchen window, it looked like this before..

And ta-da.. it looks a lot tidier after giving it a good dig over. In fact, since taking this photo, it's looking even better, as new growth is starting to come through to fill the gaps..

This honeysuckle was given to me as a cutting about three years ago. It's taken really well and I dug out a root and planted it out in the back garden against the fence. I hope it does as well as this one. 

I have primroses emerging all around the edges of the lawn, both in the front and back gardens. Yellow ones and pink ones. My next task is to dig them up and move them to beneath the kitchen window, next to the others growing there. 

Until next time. x

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. It's so nice to finally have the motivation to get back outside isn't it? That sunshine has a lot of good things to answer for. This post reminds me - I need new gardening gloves. I'm a bit of a nut with the secateurs, or should that be 'hard pruner' ?!
    Lots of lovely things happening in your garden - thank you for sharing x

  2. You have inspired me to get out and start tackling the borders of our new garden - they definitely need a clearing and your photos make it look like a rewarding task! Beautiful flower pics.

  3. Lovely garden! I think where you are gets spring a little earlier doesn't it? I'm in north Essex and we still have daffodils...


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