Friday, 6 February 2015

This is Devon #1

As lovely as it may look here, all serene and gentle, I wish I hadn't just let the sunshine beckon me out for a run. Blimey that wind is a biter! 100 metres in and I felt like turning round and trotting back home, but then I'd feel a bit stupid. Like a loser...

So I carried on, chest burning with cold, running the short loop around the village. One thing I don't like about running in the sunshine is that, in certain directions, your shadow is right there in front of you, a reminder of what you look like, with every step that you take. In my head I imagine I'm elegantly striding along, wind in my hair, sun in my face, but in reality it's more like a sweaty, squinty, um... bumble... *sigh*

But despite all of that, I'm glad I saw it through. To see the green fields that surround us is something I never tire of.

Certainly takes my mind off that shadow of mine, that's for sure ;)

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  1. You are so good going out for runs. I used to run before Little Miss H was born. I loved running outdoors but you are right it is hard when you can see your shadow constantly. You chase it but you can never catch up with it. I too always look like a sweaty mess when I run. Lovely. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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