Sunday, 1 February 2015

Life Lately // The week that was: Captured #9

I love waking up to these pretty sun rises.
Er, where did January go guys?

I think I may have slipped into a mini hibernation that I'm only just starting to emerge from. It's crazy to think that we are a twelfth of the way through the year. Or is it just me that thinks January has flown by?

A slipper shot. Just because.
 After a slow start motivation wise, I did manage to end January with a lot more spring in my step. This week I've enjoyed getting out and running on these cold and frosty mornings we've been having. East Devon seems so quiet and sleepy at this time of year, so it's lovely to get out around the lanes, with nothing but the sound of the crows above squawking away, for company. It's my 'me' time.
Bit frosty underfoot.
It's been a great week for achievements. I've taught my littlest lady to knit and she's almost completed a scarf! It's amazing seeing her little fingers holding the pins, carefully working each stitch with a look of sheer concentration on her face. She is quite determined to be as neat as possible and is taking her time so as not to make any mistakes. I feel so proud!

Ta- dah! Nearly there.
Not only that, she also baked her first Victoria sponge cake on Sunday. I only offered a little help and supervision, but she managed to measure out and stir the mixture really well and the sponge was cooked perfectly. 

Victoria sponge. It tasted lush, in case you are wondering!
We managed to squeeze in a beach walk on Saturday. It was absolutely freezing cold but so energising to be swept along by the wind. My 11-year-old came down with a cold on Friday and spent all Friday night and Saturday morning sneezing, but the fresh air blew the germs away and did her the world of good.

Just a random composition that caught my eye.
Our afternoon stroll along the beach.
I've been busy with the knitting pins myself this week. I finished off my  ear warmer / head band thingy, although I'm not sure that I like the finished article. I think it sits a bit flat around my head.

Grainy selfie of me modelling the knitted head gear.
A pressed buttercup that I found when flicking through a garden encyclopedia this week - Lovely contrast against the blue yarn I thought.

On reflection it's been a great week. I've emerged from the sleepy fog of January and I'm feeling inspired and creative.

Has your January flown by in a jiffy?


  1. My January has definitely flown by in a jiffy. I normally find it quite slow month but not this year!

    I really like your blue knitted hat. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Wow beautiful beachy shots - I definitely hibernated through January and am relieved to be emerging into Feb! #TWTWC

  3. I think January has dragged but then I have been living with the in-laws in the middle of nowhere... make of that what you will ;) Your daughter is SO clever!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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