Sunday, 4 January 2015

Our Week That Was: Captured #7

The jollities of the last two weeks have passed by in a Christmassy blur, all lovely of course, but it just went too quickly. I need to get myself back into work mode for the coming week, which will be a struggle, but I'm well rested and ready to start the new year feeling positive and focused.

I've not made any new year's resolutions this year. Well I kinda have, but just not made them public. One blogging related one is that this year, I'm determined to take part in Hannah's The week That Was: Captured linky a lot more regularly. I think it's a lovely idea to post a sum-up of your week through pictures and its a great way of documenting your life.

This week started off pretty rubbish as I came down with what I thought was going to be a full on cold, but actually didn't come to anything really. It still floored me for the whole of Monday.

On Tuesday we took advantage of the sunny weather and went to the coast for a walk along. It felt so nice to be out in the fresh air after being cooped up on Monday.

On Wednesday me and the girls hit the sales. They managed to come away with party shoes and loads of clothes, whereas me, well I purchased a shower curtain.  It was a bargain though at £2.99! After shopping we met up with family and old friends for a good chinwag at a local pub and finally we went over to see the new year in with my in-laws and several glasses of wine!

Thursday was a bit of a write off as I had quite a sore head, hence a lazy day and very early night!

On Friday I boxed up all of the Christmas decorations and I took down the twinkly lights that I'd stuck all round the hallway and the windows. Didn't tear quite as much paint off the walls as last year! I also removed the Christmas gallery that we display every year, which is a collection of the girls' Christmas makes that they have each proudly presented to us over the years, having created them at nursery, pre-school and school.

Not a lot happened on Saturday but in the afternoon we entertained my husband's family and they helped us polish off the remains of the Christmas cheese board and nibbles, which we were very grateful for and on Sunday I finished off the scarf that I've knitted for my nephew. Overall, we had another lazy day, last one that we will have for a while, I expect.

1: Dosing up on honey and lemon - seemed to do the trick!
2, 3 and 4: A walk along the sea front at Seaton
5: New Year selfie with the little 'un
6: The door decoration I made, that I took down at the weekend
7: Taking the Christmas decorations down
8: Leftover Christmas nibbles
9: The scarf I knitted for my nephew

I've linked up with Hannah at Make, Do and Push! for this post.


  1. What a lovely week :) The beach walks look fabulous! Love the wool for the scarf :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  2. Lovely pictures, I've still not decided on/shared any resolutions. Loving the scarf too :)


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