Sunday, 11 January 2015

Life Lately // The week that was: Captured #8

So, how are the New Year's resolutions going then eh? EH?

As I said before, I haven’t made any this year. Although 1) I've signed up to Jantastic to help motivate me into working off the Christmas podge. And 2) I plan to work on this blog and make some improvements to it as it's in desperate need of a bit of TLC design wise.

Random objects on a table. Do you like my coasters? ;) I'm using this book to plan / brainstorm 'project blog' over the next few months. Also featuring pen topper made by my daughter.

So that's how my week began. Feeling motivated and bursting with energy and ideas.

Actually that's a lie.

I felt utterly deflated to tell you the truth. The dregs of Christmas were still hanging around, the Christmas jumpers were still making their way through the laundry cycle and the leftover, uneaten Christmas nibbles were outstaying their welcome. My motivation was at an all-time low, and I was desperate to get back into the routine of school, work, etc...

But school didn't start until Tuesday, so on Monday I dropped the girls off at their grandparents early so that I could drop the Christmas tree off to be recycled before work. I had a quick dash around the shops in Sidmouth while I was there to pick up a birthday present for my nan. Would have taken a nice shot of the seafront but the weather was grey and grim. A bit like my mood.

Carting off the Christmas tree to meet its fate.  It was lovely having you.

Finally back to normality on Tuesday. Back to school and back to the office, which also meant back to my salads for lunch.

A healthier start to the year. Lobbing anything I can find in the fridge into a lunchbox.

It was one of those weeks where the Mr worked the late shift, which meant I couldn't go dancing or running in the week. Having signed up to Jantastic, my weekly goals are two runs and a swim, but by Friday I'd done nothing! Not a great start to the year. Fitness fail right there.

I cheered up a bit on Friday. I took the youngest to her first gymnastics class. We've been talking about it for a while. She's always doing the splits on the kitchen floor and forward rolling across the sofa and pointy toe walking and gamboling around the house. She loves it.

Finally on Saturday I did manage to go out and clock up 2 miles. It felt great, even though there were points where I literally couldn't see because the wind and rain were pummeling my face.

Post run face. I know, it's an awful shot isn't it? Thanks.

Then on Sunday I had to drag the kids out of bed for their swimming lessons. We'd had two weeks off so it was a struggle to get out of the door. Getting changed, I looked down and noticed that my swimsuit fabric was doing that thing that fabric does when it loses its elasticity. I panicked. What if it rips or sags in the water? Thinking about it I realised that I'd probably had this swimsuit since before the turn of the century.

I am not joking.

I resolved to adding new swimsuit to the top of my shopping list.

Elsewhere, as I was experiencing this revelation, I overheard a lady reveal to her friend in the next cubicle that she'd forgotten her knickers. So I resigned myself to thinking that her discovery was slightly more uncomfortable than mine and headed to pool.

Poor dear.

Oh and my swimsuit held out for the duration.

My week ended a lot more positively than it began. So, how was your week?

This week I've linked up to Hannah's The Week That Was: Captured link at Make, DO and Push!


  1. You have more dedication than me to go running in the wind and the rain!! Hope you manage to find a new swimsuit ready for next week :)

  2. Well done you! Running in the rain sounds both invigorating and blooming freezing! I've just bought myself a new swimming costume for the same reason!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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