Friday, 16 January 2015

How My Garden Grows: #8

The days have been pretty grey and unpredictable around here just lately. Rain shower one minute, a burst of sunshine the next. It's not been the type of weather that encourages you go out and have a potter in the garden. In fact I've not paid any attention to my little green space for a good few weeks.

On New Year's day I notice that my beloved Camelia was beginning to flower. A sign that Spring is just around the corner. I love the big pink blooms that completely cover this bush when its in full flower. I'm smiling just thinking about it. Encouraged by this, I had a quick wander round the garden just to have a little check on any 'movement' and sure enough, the bulbs are just starting to show through. My daffodils and crocuses - another sign of the emergence of Spring.

Having been so dormant for what seems like months, my garden is starting to show signs of life. Of growth.

Sadly though I do have one plant that is at the end of it's blooming life and that is my hyacinth that's been sitting on my window sill since just before Christmas. Actually its technically not mine. My mother in law gave both girls a hyacinth to raise from a bulb. I took over the care of my eldest daughter's after I noticed my youngest had over watered hers. Even now, as the petals fade, it still looks beautiful.

So after what has been a quiet few weeks on the gardening front, apart from a quick prune of my rose at the weekend, finally I can look forward to getting back out and having a potter and a good clear up.

Have you braved the weather for a spot of gardening lately?

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  1. Your Camelia is beautiful! I bought one last year but it hasn't flowered yet, it's still quite small so it might have more growing to do first. I had grand plans for Winter gardening this year but I ended up hiding indoors instead :)

  2. Beautiful!
    This is my first year with a 'real' garden and I massively underestimated how excited I would be to see things start to come to life out there. Heading off to find out more about Camelias and whether or not I've missed the boat!
    M x

  3. That's a lovely camelia! Our neighbours' has been flowering for a while now and is in quite an exposed spot, ours on the other hand is always a lot shy-er so hopefully it won't be too far behind. #hdygg

  4. What a fab Camelia, the pink is singing out on that photo! I have a cream one which is tiny by comparison but full of flower every year around February, when it blooms it always feels like the start of Spring - not long now!

  5. Roll on spring I say! Ever since I fell in love with hydrangeas last year and marvelled at how lovely they look all brown and crispy once they have gone over, I've been falling more and more in love with how lovely flowers look as they die off. Morbid ey?
    Apologies that I didn't spot you on the link up last week - thanks you for joining in again lovely x


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