Thursday, 4 December 2014

November's End: How my Garden Grows #7

I've been a bit of a stranger to my garden just lately. I suppose I am what you'd call a fair weather gardener. Too cold, too windy - all excuses I use not to pull on my old boots and get to work. And it's not for a lack of things to do either. There is plenty to be done out there this time of year.

Last Sunday though, I ventured out to rake and sweep away the leaves that had settled where the wind had blown them. I usually bag up the leaves, poke a few holes in the bag and leave them near the compost bin to rot down.

The light was just perfect on Sunday. The last day of November. A crisp, calm, sunny, mild(ish) day, perfect for pottering about outside. The colours of the last few leaves clinging on to branches appear striking yet lonely against the bare wood that surrounds them. What not too long ago were bright green leaves of the fuchsia, forsythia and rose now tinged with brown, yellow and red.

A perfect time to introduce some evergreen in the form of this year's Christmas tree to our lives. And so we begin the countdown to Christmas....

I'm linking up again to Annie's #HDYGG series over at Mammasaurus

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Love the red tinged leaves and the berries, Still colour to be found if you look for it x #HDYGG

  2. Ah such festive colours, I am really feeling the Christmas love everywhere at the moment. I love these shots, it's nice to look closer at the colours at the moment - thank you for joining in again lovely x

  3. lovely photos! i'm a fair weather gardener too!

  4. I set myself a December To Do list and blogged it - hopefully having the world able to see what I have or rather haven't done will inspire me to get out in the garden! #HDYGG

  5. I've been a bit reluctant to step out into the garden too, but when I did I got the bug again. I don't think it helps that our garden is north facing so on damp and dreary days (and we've had a few) it really isn't at its best. #hdygg


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