Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How My Garden Grows: 6

My, what a windy week it's been! I think most of the leaves that are going to fall from the trees in my garden did so last weekend. It's in need of a right good tidy up. I've made a start on raking the lawn, cutting back the overgrown hedge, trees and bushes, bagging up leaves and pulling out and disposing of this years summer flowers. I've yet to empty my compost bin and dig it's contents into the soil to make room for the next lot of kitchen and garden waste. I do find it fascinating what a years worth of egg shells, grass cuttings, veg scraps, shredded paper and dead flowers can create! And it's so satisfying digging this wonderful pile of nourishing goodness into my borders, in the smug knowledge that it's 'homemade'.

So, as my garden is slightly overgrown and in need of its seasonal trim, its not at its most photogenic. So instead, here's an update as to what's caught my eye this week...

The berries on my holly bush are reddening and looking splendid.
The Ivy is in flower and the bees have been buzzing around the hedge like crazy.

My Nasturtium has crept right across the patio and is still flowering nicely, thank you very much!

My Hydrangea is all confused and is flourishing now. Why?

See? What's going on with it? Not that I'm complaining. Flower away I say..

And finally, my folks were visiting again and kindly bought me an Echinops, or 'Sea Holly' as they are also known,  which you may remember I shared my love for here. I do hope it does as well in my garden as it does in theirs.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh i discovered some seaholly in our garden and i was so surprised to see how the butterflies and bees go mad for it, lovely pictures.

  2. oooo hydrangea, I can't help it, I think I am completely fixated with them still, not great to see it's about to flower! We had the last sunflowers bloom finally this week - only for the wind today to blow them over. Ho hum! Some lovely shots - that ivy with the lovely blue sky is just scrummy!

    Thanks ever so much for joining in again, there's so many colours this week - good times :)

  3. I love those sea holly too-such beautifully intricate plants. Your hydrangea is looking very confused isn't it!

  4. Love those berries, and hydrangeas are one of my favourites. Your nasturtiums are doing really well :) #HDYGG

  5. it's all so lovely! I am especially jealous of your nasturtiums as I have yet to grow them so nicely. maybe next year!

  6. Everything is so lovely! Love those shiny berries too! So red! #hdygg

  7. Digging through composted compost is fascinating isn't it, we did this in the summer and was definitely something we should do more regularly

  8. I was surprised by our Nasturtium, it's gone on a bit of a growth spurt! The hydrangeas are lovely, the colour is gorgeous

  9. I like the sea holly! Fingers crossed it does well for you here!


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