Friday, 3 October 2014

How My Garden Grows: 5

Earlier in the year (around Mother's Day I think) I treated myself to a potted Hydrangea.

When I bought it, it was flowering beautifully and I placed it on my patio so that I could admire it from my lounge. When the blooms started to fade just before the summer I wasn't quite sure what to do. I snipped off the faded flower heads and cut back the leaves.

But all around me I started to notice other Hydrangeas in nearby gardens were beginning to flourish, with fresh green stems and buds sprouting out left, right and centre. By mid Summer, everyone else's Hydrangeas were really going for it, looking all proud of themselves, flowering to their hearts content, whilst mine was desperately trying to play catch up in the growth department.

I admit it. I have been suffering from Hydrangea envy. 

I'd like to say that these photos were taken from the cut flower heads of my own Hydrangea, but no. In fact I noticed these poking out of a garden waste collection bag that was on the roadside awaiting pick-up. I plucked these four heads out of the bag and took them home. I wanted a piece of that cut flower action!

Aren't the colours just beautiful? I think they look even better as they fade.

I do hope my very own little plant will fall in sync with the seasons and reward me with a display to be proud of next year. 

I know I'm not the only one sharing the Hydrangea love this week. Annie over at Manneskjur is showcasing her love of these delightful blooms right here

Are you also sharing the Hydrangea love?

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  1. Ahhh lovely - funny what people chuck out isn't it? I could gaze at hydrangea petals all day (though maybe that's not a great idea or I'll never get a thing done!)

    Thank you for joining in and sharing again x

  2. I love that you rescued these blooms.
    I have complete hydrangea envy, I don't actually have any hydrangeas at all, hopefully next year I'll get round to buying some!

  3. What a beautiful find from the bin and such lovely light to photograph them in. Love the autumn sunshine!

  4. My dad told me to keep the flower heads until the last frost in the spring. He said it was to protect the new buds. Our hydrangeas have kept growing year after year.

  5. Thanks Ness! I will refrain from chopping at it until next spring then. :)


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