Monday, 22 September 2014

Turning 40

This year I reached the grand old young age of 40. That milestone birthday where apparently life begins. I don't feel  40. and I'm told I don't look 40, but it's true I celebrated my 40th birthday earlier in the year and I am coming terms with the whole thing. It's fine. Really.

Since turning 40, I've made a number of conscious lifestyle changes in an attempt to lose the pounds that have crept on over the last few years since having children and to form new, healthier habits to replace the old, less healthy ones. For example, rather than relaxing with a glass of wine, I've developed a liking for herbal tea, in particular camomile and peppermint. I still love a glass of wine, but I reach for the kettle rather than the bottle now.

I've also stopped packing my plate full of food and consuming the lot and instead have swapped to a smaller plate and cut down the carbs. I'm trying my hardest not to finish up the scraps that are left on the plates of my daughters, which I would previously have wolfed down just because I don't like to see food wasted. (who's the loser there then, eh?)

So this brings me to my list of things I've done this year, since turning 40.

Baked an aubergine- I know, reaching 40 and having never purchased and cooked with this delightful beast of a veg, I can't quite believe it. But I'm telling ya, a splash of lemon juice, dollop of honey, salt and pepper, sliced and roasted in the oven for half an hour and it's perfect.

Took up running - well, jogging really but people don't seem to use that word anymore. I usually go out three times a week. Sometimes my girls accompany me on bikes or scooters, sometimes I go it alone. I am really enjoying it and I'm getting faster which is great!

Flattering (not) post run photo. what a state!
Gave up sugar in my tea and coffee.

My mum always said, "you can taste the tea more without sugar" and she was right. I only ever used to have half a spoon anyway, so I thought I may as well cut it out completely.

Threw a party!

I had an 80's theme party and it was fab! I had such fun putting my playlist together and sourcing loads of 80's bits and bobs to decorate the room. My only regret was that we didn't do the conga!

I had this cheesy grin on my face all night!
I kick-started my blog

I have always written, documented, photographed, sketched, made lists. (Lots of lists) so this year I have been even more determined to develop my blog. I am finding it easier to fit in my 'blog time' now and its getting easier to write as I am getting to know my blog a bit more. To me, it's like when you meet someone new and you are not sure what to say but as time goes by you get to know what they are interested in and you feel comfortable with certain topics of conversation. Does that make sense?

This week I'm linking up this list post to #thelist linky hosted by Hannah at Mums Days and Abi at You baby Me Mummy

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  1. What a great list! You look great by the way. I'm really trying to be healthier as I approach 40 too, but can't seem to crack the exercise thing #TheList

  2. Ah thank you! The exercise thing is getting quite addictive now- who'd have thought!! I do have loads more energy now too. ;)

  3. Oh good list! Well done on taking up running, I would love to but not allowed to run. I hope you carry on enjoying the rest of your 40th year! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  4. You are not 40, it's a complete lie. Not only do you not even remotely look it but I roasted my first aubergine this year, so that makes you 30. Like moi.
    The photo of you at your shindig is about the happiest thing I've seen today.
    M x


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