Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Panda Drinks - Review

"Mommmeeeyyy, can I have a drink please? "

This is usually the first question thrown at me by one of my girls as we arrive home after school. As with most things, my two have very different tastes when it comes to cold drinks. My eldest will happily guzzle plain water straight from the tap, whilst my youngest is an ardent squash lover. And it HAS to be blackcurrant.

Well, today I had something new to offer them....

We received these drinks from Panda to try, which are made with only natural fruit flavours and they contain no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours.

The blackcurrant still flavoured water came out as the clear winner with my two girls. '10 out of 10' they said! They liked that it wasn't as sweet as the juice drink, but still tasted 'blackcurranty'. They finished off the two blackcurrant drinks and I finished off the orange and pineapple still flavoured water, which I must say, was quite pleasant. The only thing I noticed was a slight after taste in my mouth, which I seem to always have after drinking sweetened drinks that contain no added sugar. Just a personal thing.

These drinks are a good size to pop in the kids lunch boxes, although they can be a bit tricky for little fingers to open.

I'm sure we will be popping these in the trolley during future shopping trips!

Thanks Panda! :)

Please note: We were sent these drinks to review by Panda. The opinions I've shared are our own for the purpose of this review.

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