Monday, 15 September 2014

Our week that was captured: #6

Last week mostly consisted of :
  • sticking to my new morning run routine
  • birthday celebrations
  • settling back into the school routine
  • picnicking (doesn't look right with a 'k' but apparently that's the correct spelling)
  • taking one step forward and two steps back. It seems...
Morning Run
I started my week with an early morning run as the sun came up. Such a lovely, quiet time to be out in the fresh Devon air. I managed three 20 minute runs this week. Its definitely getting easier.

S'cuse the photo, but it was still quite dark and I only had my phone with me, but I just had to stop and take in the view. The stillness. The moment.

Birthday Celebrations
My youngest lil' lady had a birthday! In our house, the night before a birthday, the birthday fairy pays a visit to decorate the houses with bunting, balloons and banners. Then on waking the birthday girl runs downstairs to open presents, whilst one of us takes photos and the other tries hard to make a note of who gave what! 

Late night decorating and bunting hanging ready for the morning

This year when we asked the youngest what she wanted to do to celebrate, she replied, 

"I would like to go swimming and then go for a meal at the Chinese restaurant

Easy enough, we thought. I must admit, I was slightly relieved not to have to plan a birthday party as life's been a bit hectic of late. Is that bad of me? Anyway, we did what she wanted and she thoroughly enjoyed her little self! She even mastered the technique of eating with chopsticks!

Running across the bridge to catch the train home.
School Routine
The girls have settled into their new classes very well. I, on the other hand, found it a struggle to adjust last week. What with the packed lunch making, morning school run and then rushing back to pick them up, whilst working in between. I'll get used to it, I suppose. On Saturday I promised I'd take the girls to have a look round Toys R Us (why oh why!) as my youngest had some birthday money she wanted to spend. I set a few rules before we entered the store:

No cuddly toys, dolls, or dolls clothes!

This is because, 
A: Honestly, I have no room for any more of these items in my house
B: They each have a sack full of baby clothes that we've bought from charity shops so do NOT need anymore
and C: I am forever tripping over the darn things.

After an hour and a half, we finally left the store armed with an Etch a Sketch, a toy handbag full of accessories and a hula hoop. Oh and then we went BACK in as the eldest now wanted to browse for ideas as to what to put on  her own 'birthday list' Suffice to say, I required a glass of wine on returning home. 

My first attempt at a house.
On Sunday we had another family birthday to celebrate and for this we headed to Bicton Gardens. We tired the children out in the soft play area and then stuffed our faces with picnic food. 

Beautiful gardens of Bicton.
So there we are. My week in brief. Lets hope this week is a little less stressful and a bit more organised!

You enjoy your week now, won't you?

Lorna x

This week I've linked up again to Hannah over at Make, Do and Push!


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  1. Gosh, your photos make me want to visit Devon again - haven't been for years! Beautiful :)

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