Thursday, 18 September 2014

How my Garden Grows: 4

These last few days which have been sunny and warm, seem to have given the plants in my garden a final boost of growth. During the Summer, my Nasturtiums sprouted and flowered again from the pot we planted the seedlings in two years ago. My daughter had planted them at Brownies and bought them home and proudly tended to the seedlings on her window sill. When they were big enough we planted them in the pot just next to the patio. They've all but died down in the pot, but just recently the seeds which had spread from this original plant and planted themselves within the stones on my patio, have grown and we now have its offspring sprawling across the stones. I am sure this time next year it will double in size as it seems to spread pretty well. The only thing is, I've discovered that its crawling with caterpillars who are munching their way through the leaves and the flowers! It is an edible plant, but I don't much fancy adding the foliage to my salad having witnessed these naughty little nibblers consuming it likes there's no tomorrow.

Still flowering nicely, with this second slice of Summer we've been having.
Destructive little beasties!
And yes, I do believe that it their poo! Its bigger than their head, the greedy little munchers.. grrrr..
This week has also seen my roses and other flowering plants bloom and fade, so its been a week of deadheading and cutting back the flowers that have died down for the Autumn. My poppies, although looked like they may come back to life have withered down to spindly twigs and my sweet peas have turned brown and lifeless, so I've chopped them down and added the remains to my compost heap (sigh..)

I think there is something very beautiful about faded flowers, grasping on to life.
I am drawn to how exposed and vulnerable they appear as they slowly disintegrate.
The remains of my sweet peas. Almost magical.
As well as tidying up my own garden, the girls and I have also been out foraging.  We collected blackberries and hazelnuts. The girls were snacking on them for days!

No, don't pick the ones that are low down! (isn't that the first rule of blackberry picking?)

And we continued to be the grateful recipients of runner beans, courgettes and cucumbers kindly donated by my in-laws. They've kept us stocked up in veggies for much of the Summer months.

Its not the end of my garden joy for now though. My blueberry bush that my parents gave me is still sitting pretty on my patio. 

and these wonderful red flowers are just starting to come into bloom.

Are you enjoying the emergence of new blooms as the seasons switch?

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  1. Great harvest, and I know what you mean about the beauty of petals still hanging on in there. My nasturtium was destroyed by critters. Will have to try again next year :)

  2. I have those exact caterpillars on my kale, their poos are huge!! Not surprising with how much they eat I guess. Our nasturtiums have made a reappearance too but they don't look as impressive as yours. Lovely photos!

  3. so many goodies in your garden still. lovely shots

  4. I'm loving the changing in seasons, I remember liking it last year, but this years seems even more special, though I can't pin point why I feel that way. Maybe I am just looking at it all more than before.
    I know caterpillars are a pain in the bottom but I can't be mad at them - they look so flipping cute and fuzzy!
    Totally agree with you about the beauty of dying flowers. I think dead ones can look beautiful too sometimes.
    Thanks for joining in again, and enjoy those blackberries!

    1. Since I started with #hdygg I am more aware of the changes in seasons. I am more appreciative too of the beauty of these changes as oppose to before when I curse the seasons for changing as I hate cold weather #P

  5. Errrrgh! Caterpillar poo - well I suppose it has to go somewhere!

  6. I know the caterpillars are munching manics but look how cute they look!

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. the blackberries look so delicious!

  8. Your photos! The dying sweet peas reminded me of something you'd see on an Attenborough documentary, when they speed up the transformation of something and it looks other worldly...weirdest compliment ever??
    I'm just starting to think about planting in our new garden ready for next year, I got busy with the springy bulbs this weekend and I absolutely want a blueberry bush. Are children more helpful than spaniels when it comes to gardening? I expect so...
    M x


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