Thursday, 4 September 2014

How My Garden Grows: 3

As we draw ever closer to Autumn, my garden has a final flourish of colour from the Fuchsias and Japanese Anemones taken from my parents garden. I planted these about three years ago and they have taken really well, coming again each year. I also have a spread of orange daisy type flowers (not sure of their name) that have sprung up from nowhere, in between these red flowers (below). Purely accidental but I find the contrast between the two works quite well. I may try to split these so that I have a few more clumps come up next year. Most of my gardening is very trial and error. I've made mistakes and planted cuttings that have never sprouted and died away, but sometimes I do get lucky and surprise myself.
I wish I knew what this one is called. I love the cute, bell shaped flower that emerges from the tall stems.
Berries are starting to appear now on many of the trees and shrubs in my garden. Catoneaster is one of my favourite shrubs. I love its structure and density. This one has spread across the fence at the side of our house. I was also given a cutting from my mother in law which I planted under my kitchen window last year and its starting to climb quite well. I have snipped it back a bit so that it doesn't spread too far and keeps a neat shape. The berries are so striking at this time of year.

The black birds are loving these berries. I think I'm pretty sure I've even spotted a couple of red wings helping themselves to the supply too!

And finally, I woke the other morning to see an army of mushrooms had sprouted next to a tree stump in my back garden. They don't last long. Since taking this photograph they have died away. It is yet another reminder that Autumn is upon us.

This week I'm linking up again to Manneskjur and the how does your garden grow? link up. 
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  1. oh so beautiful!! you definitely have some deep autumn colors already happening

  2. Very pretty photo of the Japanese Anemone - I want to get some for my garden after seeing so many people take photos of it on this linky. Nice plump berries on your shrubs!

  3. I adore those mushrooms, such a perfectly autumnal photo

  4. Berries and mushrooms - hello Autumn! I've spied lots in the forest this week too, mushrooms galore. I love how you describe them as an army of mushrooms, they do rather arrange themselves in military formations don't they?
    Very pretty photos - thanks ever so much for joining in again, have a lovely weekend ahead x

  5. Thanks for all you lovely comments!

  6. I love that about gardening too. You have the next time to make things right or better! Lovely plants and I love those cheeky mushrooms =) #hdygg

  7. What a lovely garden! Your fuchsia is quite happy! I posted mushrooms, too :)

  8. Lovely photos and like the blog post I wrote and linked to HDYGG this week - we are definitely heading fast to Autumn. You cotoneaster berries are wonderful but we shall have to wait for ours are they are always much later in coming.


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