Thursday, 28 August 2014

How My Garden Grows: 2

This post is not ACTually focused on my garden. Last week I spent a few days up in the Midlands with my parents, so for this link up I wanted to share the delights that their garden has to offer. It is a garden that has had many years of love, commitment and a lot of hard graft invested in it. It looks beautiful all year round. Full of colour, texture and interest. This year they yielded a mass of blueberries from their bush on the patio. They bought me a blueberry bush for my patio so I hope I am as lucky with mine next year.

As I wandered around the garden, I was drawn to a plant with a round, purple flower. 'Sea Holly' I think its called. I watched as the bees hopped from flower to flower.

The borders and flower beds have become well established over the years. A selection of perennials, shrubs, ornamental trees, roses, climbers and the odd geranium planted here and there makes for an eye-catching display.

I always turn to my parents for advice on garden care and planting. I remember as a child spending weekends wandering around nurseries or visiting flower shows. Over the years they have shared their learning with me and I am starting to apply this to my own garden. I love to receive cuttings from their garden to plant in my own. I have several plants that have come from my parents garden that have taken really well. As with my approach to most things, I am quite a thrifty gardener and it makes me happy to nurture plants that have been passed on to me by family members from their own gardens. Its a lovely reminder of them too when I see how these plants grow and flourish each year.

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  1. Oh that's lovely to hear of how plants grown from their cuttings remind you of them, lovely that you can share plants like that. I'm desperately trying to soak up as much advice and knowledge as I can because I know that one day it'll be my children asking me for garden advice!
    Beautiful photos, such an array of happy flowers - thank you for sharing and joining in again x

  2. I wish I can ask someone for garden advice. I dont really have a garden but I do have potted plants & I am clueless as to what will happen to them this cold season and I just want to know how I can help & protect them. Your photos are so pretty! I love those sea holly! #hdygg

    1. I have several plants in pots too and they seem to do ok over the winter, but my dad has a couple of potted plants that are quite fragile and so to protect them from frost he wraps bubble wrap around them. It seems to work.

  3. I love that you are using cuttings from your parents garden to grow new plants and flowers, such a lovely way to keep them close.


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