Monday, 25 August 2014

Approaching Autumn

So it seems we've reached the 'hump' of Summer and now heading downhill towards Autumn. I can just sense our eight-legged friends creeping ever closer to my bath tub. There's a chill in the air, the type that has you reaching for your bed socks slippers. Footwear choices in general becomes a bit of a gamble. If, like me, you've had the flip flip dilemma and ended up with soggy feet when caught in a sudden downpour, then the boots are at the ready for the next outing.

At this time of year I pay attention to nature even more than usual. I love how the vivid colour of the Summer garden changes in tone, as the faded structures of what once were full blooms, are now tinged with brown and appear skeletal in form. I am intrigued by this change, always have been. I even focused my final project for my degree on these changes, producing a range of woven textiles entitled 'Faded Splendour'. I have always been inspired by nature's structures and forms. Forms that are delicate, fragile and in the twilight of existence.

Are you inspired by the changes in nature? Are you an Autumn lover like me?

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