Sunday, 6 July 2014

My week that was: Full of little 'glow'ments

This week has mostly been about work (yawn) but there have been several 'glow'ments thrown into the mix and here they be..

Firstly, after however many weeks its been since Mother's Day, my gift has finally come to life. I must admit I was giving up on them, but shoots have emerged this week so I am so glad I didn't toss the lot into the compost bin like I had considered a few times.

On Thursday (without our girls whom we left in the capable hands of the grandparents) we made our way to Perranporth, Cornwall. The sun went in when we arrived, but the reason for our trip was to see Lissie perform at The Watering Hole, the bar on the beach.

 Well, Lissie, what can I say. That girl can sing. Her band are just as awesome too. Being on the short size I managed to squidge my way to the front and nestled in to enjoy the tunes,which included Cuckoo, Story of my Life (a unique cover of the 1D hit) and Pursuit of Happiness (her version of the Kid Cudi track).

I am now a tiny bit obsessed and have been playing her tunes ever since! Thanks to her I now also wanna, a: learn how to play the guitar b: travel America c: go see her again!

Ok, next 'glow'ment (I literally did glow) was going for an ACTUAL run. OK, there was some walking involved from time to time but I got myself out there and ran. And I'm going to keep at it, taking it slow to start (I am now over 40 don' t cha know) I've been truly inspired by these awesome ladies Sarah and Jo and so gave it a go.   

And finally, just for the hell of it, here are some foodie pics from dishes I've cooked up this week. Spicy fajitas that go down a storm with my fam' and a hearty cottage pie - yum! (better get running a bit quicker to work that off eh!)

Oh and finally, finally, look how well my sweet peas are growing!

So that's my simple little week in a nutshell. Hope you've had a good week.

This week I'm linking up with Hannah at Make, Do and Push! to share my photos as part of her The week that was: Captured series #TWTWC


  1. This is such a nice way to capture the week! And double points for the running. Starting slow and just keeping going is the only way.
    And I don't believe for a single second that you're over forty. LIES.
    M x

  2. What a lovely week! Yay for the shoots and run!

    Thank you for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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