Sunday, 29 June 2014

A wonderful day for a stroll - Beer to Branscombe, Devon

If you ever find yourself in East Devon then I recommend that you make your way to a beautiful little village called Beer. It is one of my favourite places to wander around in Devon and I would love to live there one day. Last Saturday, with the sun high in the sky, we decided to walk from Beer across the cliffs to Branscombe. We set off just before lunch armed with sarnies and our swimming gear. We stopped every now and then to take in the view of the coastline and to take a few pics. We finally reached the beach, hot and in need of a swim. The water was perfect so in we went.

I do have to pinch myself sometimes. Living in Devon is truly awesome. Where do you like to go for a wander?

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  1. Stunning. I've never done Beer (or Branscombe for that matter) but they just shot way up the Devonish list!
    Any wandering in the South Hams is always beautiful.
    M x


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