Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer holidays and another week goes by...

Cor, doesn't time fly eh? What with work one day, then annual leave the next, I've struggled to keep up with where I am supposed to be at times during this summer holiday. Here is a pictorial look back at my week....

Tuesday was the day before the girls were due to come home after spending a week with their grandparents. We headed to Budleigh Salterton for a wander and I picked up a Highland rug from a charity shop- couldn't resist. Oh and we took the opportunity whilst being child free to pop out in the evening to eat at our local Chinese restaurant - lush!

The girls returned on Wednesday. We missed them so much while they were away. and I think they missed us too.

I worked on Thursday, but on Friday we all headed to Crealy. The girls dragged daddy on all the rides. I was happy to spectate, take photos and avoid wasps (darn wasps were everywhere)

On Saturday we got up early and went to Dawlish Air Show. We parked at Dawlish Warren and walked along the railway line to the town beach where we sat amongst the crowds to watch the displays. For me the most impressive was the Typhoon- Wow that aircraft can make some noise!! The power it displays is just incredible. The Breitling Wingwalkers and of course the Red Arrows were also great to watch as always.

I hope you've had a great week.

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  1. What a fun week! I use to go to a lot of air shows with my dad growing up, lots of happy memories watching the old World War 2 planes and the Red Arrows!

  2. I don't think I saw them as a child but since moving to Devon we have been lucky enough to see them several times and I hope my girls will have happy memories of it too :-)

  3. Wonderful photos!! Another childhood location close to my heart :)

    Thank you so much for linking up againxx

  4. These photos are so so beautiful Lorna!! Yay for Devon :-)
    Glad your girls are back and finishing up Summer hols in style
    M x

  5. Love your photos, the beach looks wonderful.

    The drawing is just adorable, we just had the air show the other week, the wing walkers were crazy amazing and always love seeing the Red Arrows, fab shot you took.


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