Thursday, 8 August 2013

Does the tooth fairy really exist?

I have wanted to put fingers to keyboard about the subject of the tooth fairy for quite a while now. My eldest, who is 9, has recently expressed some doubt as to whether the tooth fairy exists and so when she lost her latest tooth just over a week ago, I think her suspicions may have finally been confirmed.
I say think, because she has never openly said so. She just gives me the eyebrow (the eyebrow is a move that she pulls when a; she doesn't believe something that I've said and b; she is feeling smug about something she has just said. The eyebrow consists of three short lifts of the left eyebrow and is a move she has perfected over time and pulls out at any of the aforementioned opportunities) Anyway, it took her 10 minutes of sheer determination, a few twists and tugs and a mouth dribbling with blood and then out it popped. Job's a good'un!
"I do hope the tooth fairy is not too busy to visit you tonight" I said excitedly. "Huh, are you trying to say that you haven't got any change in your purse" was the immediate reply. Hang on a minute! What is this? Does she really think it's me who puts the pound coin there? Admittedly, I have, er, I mean the tooth fairy has failed to show on a couple of occasions. I know, I know, this #mummyfail still fills me with regret each time it comes to mind, but it seems that my girl has actually figured out that on the occasions that the tooth fairy has 'forgotten' to come, or was 'too busy' to come, it just so happened to correlate with the times when mummy's purse was lacking coinage.
Well. That's it then. We can't let her down again. The tooth fairy will well and truly visit tonight. (I even set an alarm on my phone to remind me) Fortunately I had change and so I sneaked in, quietly located the tooth, which had been left on the edge this time (last time she has placed it further in, towards the middle of the the pillow, which was a little tricky and I had to abandon the operation due to her stirring)
But what was this? A little note. I took it into the light to read it and it read:
Hi tooth fairy, do you really exist?
Hmmmm. Ok, I guess I need to reply to this. So I wrote, using my other hand to try and disguise my handwriting, the following:
Yes, I do exist. From the tooth fairy.
I folded it and pushed it under the pillow next to the coin.
Morning came and when she got up I asked, "so, did the tooth fairy come then?"
"Nice fake handwriting mum" (There it is again. The eyebrow)
"Well, if you don't believe, the tooth fairy won't come again." That was it. Conversation ended with a returning sigh. The truth is, I felt a twinge of something, sadness maybe, or something that I can't quite describe. I suspect it was due to the realisation that my little girl is growing up. That she has a mind that is becoming more inquisitive, questioning and wiser by the day and the magic that comes with the belief in the tooth fairy is slowly disappearing.... I also remembered back to the disappointment I felt when I discovered that the tooth fairy was not real, just like it was yesterday and I knew exactly how she felt.
But for now, whilst she is still keen to put each fallen tooth under her pillow, the tooth fairy will continue to come, even though she knows full well it's me.

Do you have a tooth fairy story to share?


  1. Hi there - hope you're all well. I'm so glad someone I actually know has a blog now. Keep writing. :)
    It's so hard to know what to say about the tooth fairy (& santa) isn't it.
    At Christmas, we do this thing with a couple of soldier Xmas decorations. Every day they move somewhere different in the house & leave a tiny note or gift or chocolate or something. Anyway - last year Polly said something along the lines of, 'Well, it's not like you found the Christmas soldiers somewhere, keep them in the cupboard when it's not Christmas then buy all the presents they give us & move them round the house yourself'.
    To be honest, I didn't really know what to say so I expect I just raised an eyebrow!

  2. Haha! Good to hear from you! It's tricky isn't it? Glad to hear I'm not the only one placed in tricky situations! My blog is just my way of capturing bits and pieces that happen that I want to share. I love reading other people's blogs so was inspired to have a go. It's getting the time to keep it up that us the challenge though. ;-)

  3. I'm enjoying your blog! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer - it seems to be flying by. XX


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