Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Booty Haul #2

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent the weekend with my family up in the Midlands. I really look forward to going back for a good old chat and a laugh about life, kids and other stuff with my folks and of course for my mum's home cooking, can't beat it. I also enjoy hearing my nans stories of her younger years, she has a darn good memory that one, not to mention a very cheeky sense of humour! Anyway, I wanted to focus this post on the latest bits and bobs that I picked up at the car boot sale, so here goes...

On Sunday morning the girls and I got out nice and early and headed to the Branson Cross Care Boot Sale. The weather looked a bit unreliable and as we started our wander around, the girls complained that they were feeling the cold. I'd forgotten to bring warm clothing (#mummyfail) and so we had to to try and find outer garments x 2 so that we could continue browsing comfortably.

We quickly found an anorak (that word does not match up to the delightful garment that we found for the youngest) "How much for this?" I asked. "It's designer" came the reply, "£3?" I took a closer look and was excited to see that it was in (almost) brand spanking new condition and was a Joules raincoat. Bonus! "Yes, I'll take that one then, you can keep your hanger, she's gonna wear it now". We paid and off we trotted, I was most pleased with myself!

Next we found a poncho from M&S for the eldest. 50p. She was happy. So I now had two suitably warm children and could continue to seek out some bargains. I gave my two girls a small budget (£2.50 each - you can pick up a shed load for that at a car boot sale!)

Youngest spotted a few beany babies, some figures that looked like Moshi Monsters but weren't and a Fisher Price dog that is really meant for babies but she just loves any toy that is dog like. Or. A dog. So anyway, she made several purchases, had spent her budget by row 2, but all in all was a happy bunny. The eldest, well she was rather more strategic in her thinking and was mentally clocking items that appealed to her and calculating how best she could spend her £2.50. Hmmmmm. She ended up taking a shine to a flamenco type dress that she'd spotted neat the end and so we went back and got that, plus a fluffy teddy of some kind, (the name escapes me but they are a 'toy of the moment' apparently- what do I know!)

During the course of trailing after the girls who were bobbing from one pitch to another, I managed to grab a couple of bargains. The first being a green Sherborne pouffe, circa the seventies for two quid and a magazine rack for a squid!

So we left just as the weather turned to rain having spent £12.50 in total, including the £1 entry fee, but i think we came away with good haul :-)what do you think?


  1. Great effort-love the pouffe!
    I've avoided car boots for a while but am tempted to head back in - one woman's tat is another woman's treasure right!?
    Your girls look pretty chuffed too :-) win-win

    1. Thanks it's a beaut isn't it! Glad to hear I may have tempted you back - happy booting! :-)

  2. Ah I love a good car boot sale! I love all your finds, how great. You daughter looks great in that dress, a good spot (not hard i suppose with the bright pink though!)

    1. Thanks, yes she loves it too and has worn it loads since! :-)

  3. I love a good car boot sale - fab purchases!


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