Saturday, 27 July 2013

Life Lately catch up

Ok, so I am starting afresh after over a year of not posting. That is pretty slack isn't it? Anyway, I really wanted to share some of my photos from last weekend at the beach.

We got up early packed a picnic, loaded the car and made our way down to Sidmouth, East Devon. Gorgeous seaside town, lots of lovely shops, gardens, eaty and drinky places and even as early as we got down there, the sea front was bustling with people. 

The girls went exploring the rock pools whilst the tide was out. They fished out some shrimps and crabs and other darty little things. Daddy got a bit too enthusiastic and managed to snap one of the nets in half. Not a good move! And my youngest returned with grazed knees having slipped on a slimy rock, but all in all, fun was had.

The sea was beaut. The girls spent most of the day jumping about in the waves. The life boat was launched too, we didn't know why, but we watched as the tractor drove it into the sea and off it went. Fascinating. 

So that was that. A fab day out which even though not far away from home, it felt like we were on holiday! 

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