Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Booty Haul #1

I've finally got around to sharing my latest bargain booty finds. An odd selection you may think, but for some reason these objects just happened to catch my eye. My favourite place to browse and buy is at the Rousdon car boot sale, which takes place on a Sunday morning from 9am. 
 I picked up 3 of these place mats for 20p each.
 This necklace set me back 50p. I wore it out on Saturday night. Big and bold, not my usual choice of jewellery but I kinda like it.
I love this and it set me back a quid. Not sure what to do with it though. A cushion perhaps?
 I spotted these vintage knitting patterns on a stall full of haberdashery, fabrics, yarns, buttons and all sorts of fab stuff. 20p each - bargain!
 I love the photos - just look at these charming decorative home wares!!
 Lastly, this is what I wore. I got this for £4.00 at a charity shop in Exeter.
 Oh and not forgetting this. This was definitely £1 well spent, a Polly Pocket truck and accessories, clothes and shoes.
 Have you picked up a booty bargain recently? 

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