Friday, 29 June 2012

A wander around my neighbourhood

Hello and welcome to East Devon! My part of the world is lush, green and very pretty and my nearest local beach is just 15 minutes away on the South West coast of England. This post forms part of a global project organised by Jo of jojoebi designs, where those taking part post a series of photos taken in and around their local neighbourhood. We specifically had to photograph:

A post box
A local store
A man hole cover
A park or play area
A view of a typical street
and a local form of transport, so here goes..
This is the post box down in the old village attached to my local post office.

This is Joshua's Harvest Store. Love this shop! They sell locally grown produce and amazing cakes and pies, as well as gorgeous gifts and bits and bobs and it has a great cafe too. I pass it on my way to work and often pop in for a browse or to buy a few things.

Not the most exciting of man hole covers I'm afraid!

Our local park, just down the road.

This is a street in Beer, the nearest seaside village to where I live.

and this is Beer again. There are still Union Jack flags and bunting everywhere following the recent Queen's Jubilee celebrations and no doubt they will be staying up for the Olympics. It's a busy year for Great Britain!!

This is the beach at Beer, taken from the cliff.

Boats are a popular method of transport for those exploring the coastline or doing a spot of fishing.
A typical British seaside scene!

This is just a short walk away from our house. Our village is surrounded by fields and farmland. So green due to all the rain we get in this part of the country.

This is Honiton, my nearest town.

and lastly, a rainbow over the seafront at Seaton!

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Thanks Jo for setting this up!


  1. I want to go visit your area one day: so very pretty! The pictures of the beach chairs was really cool, I have never seen anything like it.

  2. Wait! Did you say Beer???!! How wonderful. It's so nice to see some pictures of England for me since I moved away :)

  3. Nice! I would love to go to the shop :-)

  4. The Harvest Store looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love the beach huts and deck chairs; quintessentially summer!

    Why is the town called Beer? Was it founded around a brewery?

  6. Wow, lovely ... beautiful post box ... and I really need to visit Beer. :) Sounds great and it looks even better.

  7. I thought I had left a comment, maybe I was just dreaming of beer! lol
    Looks very English and making me quite homesick!
    thanks for king in
    jo xx

  8. Lol, I like the pothole, better than our American ones. Everything was absolutely beautiful, especially the countryside.


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